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Annual Conference

2021 SPF Virtual Conference Series

Mark your calendar for the SPF Virtual Conference Series #1 with Dr. P. Hande Ozdinler on June 19, 2021 at 1:00pm, central time!


1:00 pm— WELCOME CHATTER —We are allowing time for everyone to log on.

1:15 pm— Dr. P. Hande Ozdinler presenting  Building Effective Treatment Strategies for UMN (Upper Motor Neuron) Diseases

2:15 pm— Q&A - Questions from Participants and Answers from Dr. P. Hande Ozdinler. Once the Zoom meeting begins, please type your questions in the Q&A feature on Zoom. Dr. Ozdinler will select questions to address.

3:15pm— Wrap & Closing

We will upload the presentation videos to our SPF YouTube account as soon as possible, 

We are NOT restricting people from viewing the conference, but you MUST register. Please know that we do not have any control over your computer, phone, tablet, or internet regarding your inability to log on, view, or access the webinar.

If you are looking forward to more Zoom visits, share our YouTube link and let us know. 

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Join us for this webinar by registering in advance by clicking HERE