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by Mike Gray

I have found that I appreciate many of the little things I used to take for granted. I have a chance to be with one of my children until he grows up, unless his mom or I kill him first (He’s just about to turn twelve and thinks he’s a teen-ager. Can’t wait for that!).

I also have been able to appreciate other things recently. There have been 4 white swans on the Wabash river on my way to work. I know they are foul fowl, but they are beautiful to see. 4 of them! There is also at least one mature bald eagle flying around the same area of the Wabash. I am amazed at how easily that bird flies. It looks like no work at all.

Today is March 7 and I have only heard the cardinals singing in the morning. Usually by now we have Robins, cardinals, song sparrows, finches and assorted others just passing through singing. It has been a strange Spring. I am ready for the snow to end, but we are expecting more on Sunday. Funny, though, I even appreciate the snow. I can drive in it without problem, so I am able to work.

I even appreciate work and the ability to be able to continue. I appreciate our dog, who is the mad destroyer of furniture and drapes. She is loving and wants affection and attention all the time. I appreciate our house, which needs some repairs. I appreciate a friend who is an M.D. and took me on as a patient when my other Primary Care Doctors retired. I enjoy the weather, even when it is not what I would like. It is what it is and I appreciate that. I could go on, but I’m beginning to sound maudlin and should stop.

Saturday, September 8th, 2012