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Tips on shoes

Tips on shoes

by Cheryl Schumer

Use "Shoe Goo" to repair holes or build up worn areas in the soles of rubber-soled shoes ("sneakers", running shoes, etc.) If you wet your finger with warm water before spreading the "goo", it won’t stick to your finger.

A tip for helping avoid both tripping and wearing out the toes of shoes: "place a ribbon of "Shoe Goo" on the sole about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the toe. The added strip lifts the shoe just enough to keep me from catching the tip of my shoe."

Running shoes with toes that "curl up" may be easier to walk in than ones with straight toes, as well as "high-top" style athletic shoes.

If you wear down the heels of your shoes on the inside or outside edge, consider having a shoe repair store install "taps" on your shoes.

Recommendations from our email groups:

  • NEVADOS Driftwood Sandals, which have an "anatomically shaped footbed". Available at sporting goods stores.
  • PROPET Magnetech Leather walking shoes with magnets in the soles. Available through Massey’s shoe catalog or on the Internet.
  • I have tried a million shoes and different orthotics. The best shoe I have found is a casual dress shoe made by Dexter. It has a removable padded insert if you want to put your own orthotic in it. You can by them at [J.C.] Penny’s. The shoe I have is blac
  • My favorite shoes are lightweight specialist rock climbing shoes. The best ones are Merrell. Cost £55 but you can get end of season bargains for £30. The upper is made of pigskin with a slip on stretch-the sole is very sticky rubber with a reinforced fron
  • I have come to realize that a heavier type shoe works, or in my case, I wear Timberlands all year round because of the durability and the fact that you can’t wear the toe down on those.
  • For dress shoes, I go to a uniform store that sells shoes for police and postal workers and get Thorogood shoes by Weinbrenner, I can get EEE width… they really are wide. For casual wear I get the LifeWalker by Propet. Both pairs of shoes are relatively c
  • I had to search diligently for some walking shoes that fit my 6EEEE feet, and I found the Propet shoes which I love and which come that wide.
  • Good support shoes with a good ankle support are essential. Look for athletic shoes that give support laterally. This will discourage the ankle from rolling over while walking and (hopefully) make for a more stable gait.
  • Try a rubber soled after-ski shoe. They are available all over the place in sporting goods stores.
  • I’ve found the greatest sandals! They’re Chaco brand sandals. They have sturdy last-a-long-time soles and straps to adjust comfortable to your foot and the greatest part is that the toes curve up. Perfect for us! Actually they’re advertised as for the spo

Saturday, September 8th, 2012