HSP & PLS Awareness Week - August 25th to 31st, 2019

Please help The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation kick off the 1st Annual HSP and PLS Awareness Week, August 25th to the 31st. Click on the buttons below to download several different ways to promote and participate in this week for both awareness and fun during the end of the summer 2019.

To use the Press Release, just complete your contact information at the bottom of the form and then send it to your local Television, Radio Stations and Newspapers that you will find by doing a Google search. When you find their web sites, just send them the press release via their "Contact Us" button or via the email addresses of reporters. Imagine how good it will feel to increase the awareness of HSP & PLS during our special week.

The Virtual 5K is a form that reminds all of us about just how important maintaining our physical condition can be. It will be fun and fulfilling to know that you are doing your part to begin & maintain a habit of whatever type of exercise you can do. All the worlds top medical experts on HSP and PLS stress that exercise is vital to maintaining your physical abilities.