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Welcome to The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation  (SPF) Website

First, a little bit about the foundation.  Click on The Foundation and learn a little bit about the foundation and our history. You need to see where we came from to appreciate where we are going. There you will find our corporate documents, meet our board of directors, and learn about our Science Advisory Board.

Next click on  PLS & HSP
You will find much information about each disease including informative pamphlets on each. These can be printed and given to family members so that they can better understand your situation. There is also a glossary to help you understand some of the medical terms.

What We Do  contains a description of our mission, a recap of the previous year's SPF annual conference, privacy policy, research opportunities, as well as special offers. There are videos in the annual conference recap of the speakers that presented there. 

The  Get Involved section probably the most frequented part of the website.  The how to help section encourages your participation in YOUR organization There is a section describing the upcoming events and support groups.  There is also a description of the current annual conference. Every year the foundation holds an annual conference.  This year, unfortunately, it was canceled due to the COVID19 pandemic  Also there are sections for donating to the foundation, becoming a corporate sponsor, information about becoming an SPF ambassador, and our patient registry information.

The section called  Resources  contains a great deal of useful information about clinical trials, directories of clinics, physicians and SPF ambassadors,  government and charity help, employment, genetic testing, and travel.  If you have a question and are looking for a person(s) in your state who knows exactly how you feel and what you are experiencing, contact an SPF ambassador. The foundation has a quarterly newsletter entitled the Synapse.  You may check out the current and past issues of the Synapse in this section. There is also a section containing self-help guides.

If there is still something you'd like to find just type it in the SEARCH area on the top of all pages.  

You are no longer alone in this fight! Please  REGISTER with our foundation.