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Physician/Clinic Directories

Finding a neurologist that understands HSP and PLS can seem a challenge. There are many highly qualified neurologists in your area that understand our neurological conditions. We have two listings available.

The first directory is composed of NEALS (Northeast ALS) Clinics. The SPF has partnered with the NEALS consortium to create a list of clinics within their over 100 member ALS consortium who are currently treating PLS and/or HSP patients. These are international clinics. When you make an appointment with any of these facilities, the physician that will see you may or may not be the listed physician. 

The second directory is a list of physicians recommended by SPF members. It was constructed from a few different sources with a lot of cutting and pasting and researching. We will attempt to keep it up to date. If you have any suggestions, corrections or additions please email the information to