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SPF Vision: The day where all individuals with HSP or PLS are diagnosed, treated and cured.

State of HSP Research: The Promise and the Reality

by Allen Bernard

Researchers working on hereditary spastic paraplegia, better known as HSP, know more today than ever before. They are uncovering new targets for drug discovery all the time. They are discovering the common pathways that cause and connect the many forms of HSP we all deal with everyday. They are finding connections between HSP, PLS and other, better known, motor neuron diseases like ALS, Parkinsons, MS, CMT type II and others all the time. This is good news for everyone.
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I’ve fallen. Now how do I get up?

Falls are a big problem Falls are a major problem for seniors who want to “Age in Place”. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for a senior to fall and be unable to get up afterwards due to a variety of underlying physical problems – even if no serious injury was sustained during the fall. As […]

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HSP Research, the Historical Perspective – Dr Evan Reid

At the Annual General Meeting of the UK HSP Support Group this past June, Dr Evan Reid gave a historical perspective on HSP research. He initially showed a graph with the number of research articles which cover HSP, ranging between 1947 and now, and described that research into HSP has fallen into three phases.

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The Cobb Classic fore SPF Golf Tournament

Please join us for the First Annual Cobb Classic Golf Tournament Fore SPF Nov 8th in Alexandria VA. cobbgolfclassic.com

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Don’t Overlook the Benefits of Giving Appreciated Stock

With the stock market at historic highs, don’t overlook the benefits of giving stock to The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation.

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How HSP related to PLS and ALS – This 2001 paper from SPF medical director Dr. John Fink explains how. This document can also be used as supporting documentation for SS disability claims.”



Download: HSP-in-relation-to-ALS.pdf

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