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Physical Therapists

Find a Physical Therapist

The best way to look for a Physical Therapist (PT) is to go to the nationally recognized American Physical Therapy Association’s website.  At the very top of the page, there’s a label Find a PT, if you click on that you can search for a therapist by geographical area and specialty, and it will list all of the PTs in a given distance who list that specialty.

This search will capture all of the therapists in a given area who are certified, clinical specialists. If you can find a therapist that is certified in treating neurological patients that would be best.  Unfortunately, the search won’t capture other PTs who may see neurological patients, and even specialized in treating neurological patients but not have the certification. 

If there is not a neurological clinical specialist listed in your area, you may call clinics to ask if any of their physical therapists have experience treating people with neurological conditions.

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